Gutter Repair

Rain Gutter Repair

Rain gutters perform an important job in protecting your home by diverting rainwater from the roof away from the home, where it could damage the exterior siding, foundation, landscaping and other elements of your property. Need help with rain gutter repair? Contact Campos Roofing, the local leader in roofing and rain gutter repairs for Garden Oaks and the Metro Houston Area.

Top Signs Your Rain Gutters Need Repairs

Many times, it’s obvious your rain gutters need repair. It can be easy to see broken sections of rain gutters or rusted out gutters. Less obvious signs can be just as significant, only more difficult to recognize, such as:

  • Damaged hardware fastening gutters to the roof.
  • Sections of gutters that have separated from each other.
  • Sagging and dented gutters.
  • Poorly angled gutters that accumulate debris and water.
  • Water collecting near the foundation, slab or basement.
  • Improperly installed downspouts that direct water towards areas that damage and erode landscaping. 
  • Paint peeling on siding under leaking and malfunctioning gutters.
  • Debris collecting in gutters and impeding the flow of water towards downspouts.

When you see signs of damage to your gutters, call in the professionals at Campos Roofing for an inspection and evaluation of most-effective solutions. By the way, our detailed cost estimates are always free. Plus, our work is 100% guaranteed. 

The Complete Solution Providers for Gutter Repair for Garden Oaks

Our roofing and gutter repair specialists offer complete service for repairing the exterior of your home, and when it comes to rain gutter repairs, we provide you the best options for rain gutter performance with style and colors to perfectly match your home. Need help with fixing your damaged rain gutters? Then it is time to call our rain gutter repair experts at Campos Roofing. Since 1960, we have helped homeowners enhance their roofs and rain gutters in:

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