Skylight Installation

Skylights can make a beautiful improvement to a room that needs more light. Plus, modern skylights add little to no additional heat while generating wonderful natural light … free. If you would like to brighten rooms in your home, contact the skylight installation specialists at Campos Roofing for expert help. We offer leading roofing and skylight installation services for homeowners in Garden Oaks and the Metro Houston Area.

Tips on Installing Skylights

Plan your skylight installation carefully for a perfect enhancement to your home. Here are a few tips to doing skylight installation right:

  • Order high quality skylights that are waterproof, sound reducing, load carrying and energy efficient. Consider using eco-friendly products manufactured from sustainable materials.
  • Select the best place to install skylights based on where the natural light will bath the room, position of the rafters and avoidance of any obstructions. Align the skylight with a feature in the room, such as a doorway or fixture so that it will appear planned and not randomly installed. 
  • Choose a clear day to avoid rain and water damage during the installation.
  • Purchase appropriate accessories, including hardware, waterproofing and flashing to protect the opening in the roof.
  • Go big. Often a larger skylight produces a much better, more significant effect of bringing the outside light inside the home. 
  • Be careful during the installation process of injuring yourself in a cramped space in the attic, on ladders inside the home and on the roof.

For a perfect, leakproof installation of skylights, call a professional specializing in roofing and skylight installation. Find out why so many residents in the Garden Oaks and Metro Houston Area choose Campos Roofing to install skylights in their homes. 

Skylights Installed by the Experts at Campos Roofing

Choose Campos Roofing, serving homeowners in Metro Houston and Garden Oaks, area since 1960, for your skylight installation. Our service area includes:

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