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For your Spring Valley roofing project, team up with the most-trusted roofer in the area—Campos Roofing. Whether you need an isolated restoration of your roof or a complete re-roofing, our team of roofing specialists is set to help you protect your Spring Valley home from the punishing sun, rains, wind and storms. Partner with Campos Roofing for expert roofing repairs, restoration and installation! We are highly experienced at servicing roofs of all sizes, shapes, slopes and configurations and repair and install a wide range of roofing materials, including shingles, tiles, slate and metal roofing components.

When Should I Replace My Roof?

There comes a time when your roof is beyond repair and needs to be replaced. Here are several signs showing you need a roof replacement:

  • Age. The roof is 20-25 years old and the roofing material is nearing the end of its useful life.
  • Worn. Intense weathering has diminished the surface of the roofing material.
  • Rotting. Structural components, edging, baseboard and beams are wearing out from water damage.
  • Neighbors. Neighboring homes are getting re-roofed, indicating your roof is original.
  • Shingles. Shingles or other roofing material is damaged or missing.
  • Flashing. Protective flashing around vents and chimneys is damaged or not sealed properly.
  • Nails. Fasteners, including roofing nails have pulled up from shingles or are missing.

Roofing and Exterior Enhancement Services for Your Spring Valley Home

When you need your roof repaired, restored or replaced for your Spring Valley home, turn to the roofing specialists at Campos roofing for expert craftsmanship. We offer superior roofing services that are fast, efficient and affordable. Our comprehensive roofing and exterior home improvement services are available throughout Metro Houston and Spring Valley, and include:

Roof inspections and estimates | Roof repair | Roof replacement and re-roofing | New roof installation | Storm damaged roof repair | Wind damaged roof repair | Hail damaged roof repair | Attic venting | Gutter installation | Gutter repair | Skylight installation | Skylight repair | Shingle replacement | Emergency roof repair | Siding repair | Siding installation | Roofing insurance claims

Providing Expert Roofing Solutions for Metro Houston and Spring Valley

Since 1960, Campos Roofing has serviced thousands of homeowners with roofing solutions. Our service area today includes the region surrounding Metro Houston:

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