Roof Repair

Roof repair for your home is easy, convenient and affordable when you team up with Campos Roofing, one of the top-performing roofing companies for Garden Oaks and the Metro Houston homeowners. We can conveniently set up a time for one of our roofing experts to inspect your roof to identify the source and extent of roof damage and offer best options for roof repair to make your roof look just like new and completely protect your home from the elements.

Five Things to Know about Roofing Repair

Be aware of five important considerations to think about when contemplating roof repair.

  • Make an appointment for a professional roofer to get up on your roof and complete a full inspection so that you will know the facts about the condition of your roof to make a well-informed decision on whether to repair or replace your existing roof. 
  • Keep in mind the age of your roof. The type of roofing material has a wide range of lifespan, from 15-25 years for asphalt shingle, to more than 50 years for tile, slate, concrete and metal roofing materials. If your roof is approaching the end of its useful lifespan, it may be more economical in the long run to replace the roof.
  • Look for rotting and material decomposition. This is a serious sign of water damage to structural components of your home, but the good news is that it may be localized to a single area and be a good candidate for a focused roof repair.
  • Inspect flashing for isolated areas of damage that can be routine repairs. In contrast, storm damage may cause widespread damage, so the entire roof needs to be examined by a roofing professional.
  • Be honest about how long you and your family may live in your home. If you do not plan to sell your home in the next year or so, it may make perfect sense to replace the roof rather than make spot repairs.

When you suspect your roof is damaged or if you see evidence of leaks in your Garden Oaks home, don’t hesitate to call the roofing specialists at Campos Roofing for a free, no-obligation inspection and detailed, written estimate. And, if  repairs or replacement involves an insurance claim, we have experts to help you navigate the insurance claim process with ease. 

Roofing Repair Specialists for Metro Houston and Garden Oaks

Campos Roofing offers your full satisfaction with our roofing repair work, and it is 100% guaranteed. We serve homeowners throughout Metro Houston, including:

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