Wind Damaged Roof Repair

It is no secret that wind can cause significant damage to roofs. Combined with rain, hail and flying debris, high winds can deteriorate shingles, lift up and remove shingles and tiles, damaging roofing components and breaking down the composition of shingles, leaving roofs unprotected to the elements. When you need wind damaged roof repair, Campos Roofing is the roofing specialist to call in the Garden Oaks and the Metro Houston Area.

How Wind Damages Roofs

The roof on your property is designed to protect the entire building structure, shielding it from high winds, rain and hail. Over the years, winds can damage components of a roof from the surface materials—shingles, tiles and metal—to underlying roofing components, including structural parts of the roof. Wind storms and thunderstorms with high winds can do a real number on roofs. The sheer force of devastating winds can break down, damage and even destroy roofs. Certain portions of roofs are particularly susceptible to wind force, such as corners, edges and eaves. Poor-quality roofing materials—cheap, old and worn shingles—are especially vulnerable to damaging winds. Different types of roofs are more vulnerable to damage from winds than others, including roofs with gables and exposed geometries. In addition, substandard workmanship and building methods contribute to excessive wind damage to roofs. Perhaps the biggest aspect is weathering and wear over the years. Worn and missing shingles, for instance, contribute to even more shingles getting damaged and going missing.

Leaders in Solutions for Wind Damaged Roofs in Serving the Metro Houston and Garden Oaks Area

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