Skylight Repair

Is your skylight leaking, broken or malfunctioning? Get professional skylight repair assistance from the experts. When your skylight needs repairs, contact the specialists in roofing and skylight installation at Campos Roofing. Since 1960, Campos Roofing has helped residents in the Metro Houston Area, Campos Roofing with roofing services and exterior enhancements , which include skylight repair.

Top Reasons Why Skylights Need Repairs

There are several reasons why skylights fail, either malfunctioning or most commonly leaking. 

  • Poorly installed flashing allows rainwater to leak into the edges surrounding the housing of the skylight and into the roof, rafters and even the interior of the home.
  • The seal between the roof and flashing is substandard, causing water to leak in.
  • Rain collects on the top of the skylight, accumulating in a puddle, allowing it to leak into the area surrounding the skylight frame.
  • Venting mechanisms wear down and break.
  • Glass becomes fogged up from condensation.
  • Storms cause branches and debris to fall onto the exterior of the skylight, damaging it. 

To pinpoint the cause of a leak or other problem with a skylight, get in touch with one of our skylight repair specialists at Campos Roofing. 

When You Need a Skylight Fixed, Turn to the Pros at Campos Roofing

Campos Roofing offers convenient, quick and affordable skylight repair for your home in Garden Oaks and Metro Houston. And, our workmanship is guaranteed 100%. Listed as an Accredited Business on Better Business Bureau since 1998 with an A+ rating, we offer always-free consultations and detailed written estimates. Campos Roofing serves homeowners needing skylight repairs in:

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